Raquel Photography

“Life is now, let’s make this moment last forever”

“The portrait you’ve always dreamt of having”


Our photos are a constant reminder of the beautiful memories we have created. Thanks to them we remember our past, live our present and ensure our memories will be with us forever!

Our memories are enhanced by a scent, a song, a photo. Thanks to the art of photography, past feelings come back to life and we are able to forever freeze a special moment in time and create a physical tie to a lasting memory.

Millions of photos are taken every day around the world. Most probably you have taken many in the past few days. Yet how many of these are really capable of capturing the essence of a special moment, or the when you truly felt beautiful?  

A photo has to be aesthetically attractive and yet realistic in its truest sense.  It reveals something new every time you look at it captivating its audience over and over and again.  In order for this to happen, every detail must be carefully planned including the lighting, setting, colors, shapes and other details that would otherwise go unnoticed.  Every expression, position and feeling must be transmitted to display who you are and what you are feeling in that very moment.

Millions of photos are taken every day around the world, but millions of them are deleted or forgotten in a glimpse and those moments are lost forever.

My specialty, my passion, my skill is to make sure I help you create NOW a memory that will last forever.

With a drop of art, I shall take care of every detail to show in a portrait photo the special person you are. I shall help you find the best pose, the best expression, the best curves to let everyone see and understand how beautiful you are inside and outside. My photos will make you feel good, they will become your favorite ego-booster.

My specialty, my passion, my skill is to create NOW a memory that will last forever and tastefully immortalize your beauty. I will ensure that every detail is taken care of to preserve in your portrait the special person you are including helping you find the best pose and expression that represents who you are.  My photos will make you feel special, elevate your confidence level and ensure you are remembered the way you deserve to be.